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Bajrang Dal calls for boycott of Chinese goods

Thursday, November 19, 2009 (15:24:50) Tags: India, Bajrang Dal, China New Delhi: The right-wing Hindu group Bajrang Dal today wrote letters to major trade associations and chambers of commerce in Delhi calling for a boycott of Chinese goods saying that China was using India as a "dumping market" for "cheap goods". "Chinese goods are very inferior in quality standards and China is making India as a dumping market for its cheap goods. As a result of this, small and cottage industries in our country are shutting down and problems of unemployment increasing," said a statement issued by Bajrang Dal. The organization also asked the chambers of commerce and traders to stop all trade relations with China. "China is becoming the biggest security threat for our country and we should not strengthen its economy by buying its goods... we should rely on indigenously manufactured goods," Bajrang Dal's state convener Ashok Kapoor said in the statement. (IANS)