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Barista says cheers to coffee with a touch of liqueur

Thursday, November 05, 2009 (19:47:18) Tags: Business, Coffee, Barista New Delhi: With coffee parlours becoming popular in Indian cities, Barista, the trend-setter in the country, now wants to take the concept to a new level, introducing liqueur-based beverages. The liqueur coffee has expresso as its base with a dash of liqueur ranging from Teacher's Scotch whisky, Irish whisky, Baileys Irish cream, rum or vodka and is priced between Rs.199 to Rs.299. "The launch of liqueur coffees will be an extension to the authentic Italian coffee drinking experience," said chief operating officer Sanjay Coutinho. The company has started serving customers liqueur coffee as a pilot project at its Defence Colony outlet, but will not make this a pan India rollout. "We plan to assess the feedback after two-four months, following which we will decide on how and where to introduce the liqueur coffee," said Coutinho. Serving liqueur coffees requires a license from the excise department and attracts all the conditions that alcohol serving restaurants have to comply with. For now though, the company is planning to restrict itself to only liqueur coffees. "Internationally, coffee parlours offer a variety of flavours and brews and some offer hard liquor as well. Maybe over a period of time we too can look at offering some more on the menu," said Coutinho. However, not everybody may like liqueur blended with their brew and the company is being selective about where it introduces these. "You have many limitations in India. You cannot open it in states like Tamil Nadu because the laws there require you to have 14 rooms, if a place is offering liquor. In Andhra Pradesh, you can't buy a license anymore, one can only trade it," said Coutinho. "Also, liqueur is an acquired taste, like caviar. Not everybody may like it." Barista has about 230 stores and plans to add 40-45 stores more this year. "Of these, we have already added 21," said Coutinho. (IANS)