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Doing Business in Nepal

The ‘Doing Business in Nepal: A guide to Indian investors’ is a reference publication prepared by  the Nepal India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NICCI), Nepal in association with the Embassy  of India, Kathmandu (EoI, Ktm).

The research, compilation and printing has been fully funded by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu  and NICCI extends its gratitude to the EoI, Ktm for this immense encouragement.

NICCI would like to thank T R Upadhyaya & Co. Kathmandu for their work on the research, and  compilation as also the professional expertise in areas of setting up companies and facilitating  investments  into  Nepal  that  they  have  readily  shared  in  this  publication.  We  thank  Mr  Joydeb   Chakravarty, Thompson Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu for making this Guide a creative presentation  with its coherent layout and user friendly design.

NICCI  would  like  to  acknowledge  the  various  institutions  of  both  Nepal  and  India,  upon  whose   published  information  we  relied  on  for  the  researching  of  this  guide.  On  the  Nepali  side,  the   publications  of  the  relevant  ministries  of  the  Government  of  Nepal  especially  the  Ministry   of  Industry,  Commerce  &  Supplies  (MoCS),  the  Department  of  Industry  (DoI)  and  the  reports   published  by  the  Nepal  Rashtra  Bank  (NRB)  were  valuable.  On  the  Indian  side,  the  periodical   reports  of  the  Ministry  of  External  Trade,  the  departments  of  Export  &  Imports  and  Internal   Revenue, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the documentation of the Confederation of Indian  Industries  (CII)  were  especially  useful.  In  addition,  the  work  of  international  agencies  like  the   World Bank, UNCTAD, IMF and WTO with regards to industry, labour and trade in Nepal was useful.

NICCI also thanks all those individuals representing organizations, government bodies, industry  &  business  chambers  who  gave  us  their  time  to  provide  and  clarify  information  and  offer  their   advise for the creation of this Guide.

NICCI extends a special note of gratitude to the then Counselor (Commerce), EoI, Ktm,  Mr  Harsh  Jain,  the  First  Secretary  (Commerce),  Ms  Anju  Ranjan  and  Ms  Vaijayanti  Khare’,  Head  - Operations, Chaudhary Group for the enthusiasm and untiring effort in driving this exercise  to fruition.