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Tata Teleservices promises India's fastest broadband service

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 (15:14:17) Tags: Business,Indian telecom,Tata Teleservices New Delhi: Tata Teleservices has teamed up with ECI Telecom, an Israel-based networking infrastructure solutions provider, to offer India's fastest broadband access network till date, the Indian telecom operator said today. In a statement, Tata Teleservices said ECI's network solution would support a connectivity speed of up to 18 megabit per second (Mbps), a unit to measure broadband speed. This would make it the fastest connectivity on offer in the country so far. In April, Airtel launched broadband services supporting a speed of 16 Mbps. ECI's solution will also enable Tata Teleservices to offer applications such as IPTV, video-on-demand, high speed broadband Internet, voice over internet protocol and other bandwidth intensive services. "ECI's expertise and in-depth understanding of broadband access solutions were key factors in our decision to choose ECI for this important project," Tata Teleservices president and chief technology officer A.G. Rao said. ECI has provided Tata Teleservices with various network infrastructure solutions for over five years. (IANS)