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Airlines told to mention all-inclusive fare

Thursday, May 07, 2009 (11:07:40) Tags: Business, Aviation, India New Delhi: Director General of civil aviation Nasim Zaidi has given all airlines, domestic and international, 30 days to correct their websites, systems and travel agent database so that passengers get a single all-inclusive figure of the total amount payable. "Where the director-general is satisfied that any air transport undertaking has established excessive or predatory tariff or has indulged in oligopolistic practice, he may, by order, issue directions to such air transport undertaking," the circular says. The new directive also states that the DGCA will keep a watch on fare levels to check overcharging and to see if certain airlines have ganged up to influence fares. While the warning to domestic airlines for a single all-inclusive fare was issued some months back, Nasim Zaidi has now brought foreign carriers into the ambit. The timeframe of 30 days has also been communicated to all airlines. "This rule applies to both Indian and foreign carriers. They have been given 30 days to change their systems, websites. Once this time period expires, we'll be asking them for a compliance report. Passengers must get the correct information and not be misled," Zaidi said. The DGCA circular says airlines must clearly state the all-inclusive fares on their websites, newspapers, office and with the travel agents.(TNN)